Exploring Viera, Florida: The Best Places to Drive Your Street Legal Golf Cart

Viera, Florida, is a vibrant and picturesque community that offers residents and visitors an idyllic setting for leisurely drives in their street-legal golf carts. With its beautiful landscapes, well-maintained streets, and golf cart-friendly neighborhoods, Viera presents numerous opportunities for enjoyable and convenient transportation. In this article, we will highlight some of the best places to explore with your street-legal golf cart in Viera, Florida.

The Avenue Viera

Start your golf cart adventure at The Avenue in Viera, a premier open-air shopping and entertainment destination. Cruise through the spacious parking lots, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, and take advantage of the convenience of parking your golf cart close to your favorite stores and restaurants. From trendy boutiques to diverse dining options, The Avenue Viera offers something for everyone.

Duran Golf Club

With your street legal golf cart, head to the Duran Golf Club, one of Viera’s finest golfing destinations. Even if you’re not an avid golfer, this scenic 18-hole championship course is worth a visit. Take a leisurely drive around the course’s perimeter and soak in the picturesque surroundings, enjoying the lush fairways, serene lakes, and beautiful landscaping.

Viera Regional Park

Next on your itinerary is the Viera Regional Park, a sprawling recreational area that boasts a range of facilities and amenities. Drive through the park’s pathways, allowing the refreshing breeze to accompany you on your journey. Take a break and explore the park’s sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas. If you’re lucky, you might catch a local game or event happening in the park.

The Viera Wetlands

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate a trip to the Viera Wetlands, a 200-acre wildlife habitat that serves as a sanctuary for various bird species and other wildlife. Meander through the well-maintained roads and observe the abundant birdlife, including herons, egrets, and ibises. Capture some memorable photos as you witness the serene beauty of these wetlands.

Brevard Zoo

Embark on an exciting golf cart adventure to the Brevard Zoo, a popular attraction in Viera. While you won’t be able to drive your golf cart inside the zoo, you can conveniently park it and explore the zoo on foot. Interact with exotic animals, enjoy educational exhibits, and witness thrilling wildlife presentations. Return to your golf cart afterward for a relaxing drive home.

Viera Community Center

As you navigate Viera’s well-designed streets, make a stop at the Viera Community Center. This vibrant hub hosts various community events, classes, and gatherings. Park your golf cart and join in the local activities or simply enjoy the friendly ambiance of the area. From art shows to fitness programs, the Viera Community Center offers engaging experiences for residents of all ages.

Rent a golf cart today and start exploring!

Viera, Florida, provides a wonderful environment for driving your street legal golf cart, with its golf cart-friendly neighborhoods, picturesque landscapes, and an array of attractions to explore. From shopping at The Avenue Viera to enjoying the natural beauty of the Viera Wetlands, there is no shortage of exciting destinations to visit. Take advantage of the convenience, flexibility, and enjoyment that a street legal golf cart provides and embark on unforgettable adventures in the charming community of Viera, Florida.

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