Rent our Street Legal Golf Carts Annually

Need a year-long golf cart rental? You’re in the right place. Space Coast Cart Rentals is proud to offer Annual Golf Cart Rentals to our list of services.

Annual Golf Cart Rentals

We’ve got a huge selection of street legal golf carts to choose from for your annual golf cart rental. Contact us today to learn more.

Rent a golf cart or rent a bunch

Need a few golf cart rentals? No Problem! We are Brevard County’s #1 Golf Cart Rental company for many reasons. Our selection and availability can’t be beat. Contact us today.


Annual Golf Cart Rentals

Your Space Coast Cart is equipped, registered, tagged, and insured for use on public roads. These great-looking carts are powered by The Cart Guys to liven up the Space Coast and bring a sense of community to the area.

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All of our carts are licensed in the State of Florida as LSVs (low-speed vehicles.) The carts are allowed to be driven on all paved, public roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less. On a full charge, the carts have an average range of 28 miles based on number of passengers and driving habits.